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 StarChild Llanwenog Sheep

The Llanwenog Sheep origininated from West Wales in the area of Llanwenog, it is a very adaptable breed and can thrive on pasture at sea level up to over 1000ft.

The Llanwenog has a very placid temperament, is a good easy lamber with high quality wool. It's meat is good with a soft grain and does not wander like most other breeds.

It's wool is very easily spun into fibre for producing woolen garments or could be mixed with Alpaca fibre.


High quality meat and wool, low costs and easy lambing makes the breed an attractive choice for both commercial and hobby farmer.
Interest in the breed has increased dramatically since it was first listed by the Rare Breed Survival Trust in 1994.
The wool is rated as one of the finest in the UK regularly winning in fleece and wool on the hoof competitions.

Fleeces average 2.5kg and are especially sought after by handspinners and weavers.